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Our Car Mechanic Dandenong is capable of car repairing in dandenong lot of variety of models.

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Exhaust Systems

Your car’s exhaust system has several functions, including reduction of pollution, engine noise, fuel economy, improved performance, and protection of passengers from poisonous gases. For these reasons Fastfit Exhaust & Suspension Dandenong recommends regular exhaust system checks and offers this as a FREE service.

Exhaust Problems?

Some of the signs that there are problems with your exhaust system include:

• Exhaust rattles
• Excessive exhaust noise
• An unusual exhaust smell


Fastfit provide a full range of exhaust components, sports systems, mufflers and extractors to suit passenger and commercial vehicles.

Call us to discuss your needs, obtain a quote or to book a FREE Exhaust Inspection

Redback Mufflers

Suspension & Shock Absorbers

Your car’s suspension system is designed to give you a smooth ride while maintaining excellent driving control. Suspension systems that are not operating correctly affect ride, steering and braking.

Warning Signs

A vehicle’s suspension can easily be neglected. The driver can become accustom to the feel of worn components and not recognise the deterioration and consequent failure which is potentially dangerous.

Some signs that there are problems with your suspension or shock absorbers could include:

• The car not sitting level when parked
• Excessive roll when cornering
• Poor handling
• Noises – creaks, squeaks and rubbing sounds

At NPBC we use only the best replacement parts and have the expertise and equipment to maintain your car’s steering responsiveness and stability.


Some of the services we offer are the supply, repair and maintenance of:

• Shock Absorbers & Struts
• Power Steering Racks & Pumps
• Linkages & Bushes

NPBC supply all popular brands of suspension components and offer a FREE Inspection and Report of your suspension system.

If you would like to discuss your suspension problems or talk about custom suspension for your vehicle, call us on



A Towbar is fitted to your vehicle for a number of reasons, depending on what you want to use it for, towing a caravan, trailers of various sizes, light domestic use or bike racks.

Things to consider

It is important you make an informed decision and choose the towing equipment designed for your vehicle and best suited to your needs.

Towing capacity is determined primarily by the vehicles manufacturer. Usually there is a standard and heavy duty option to suit most vehicles. Some vehicles also require an Electronic Control Model (ECM) to be fitted to protect the vehicle’s electrical circuits.

If towing heavy equipment or a caravan you may also need to consider having electric brakes fitted to your vehicle.

We supply the full range of BTA and Hayman Reece towing equipment and we can advise on the best and most economical choice for you.

BTA-Hayman Reece

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